Amy Winehouse Gets Edged Out Of Another Video

Poor Amy Winehouse. I know that I often get my giggles at the expense of the drug-addicted singer, but I am really pulling for old girl to get her act together. Because maybe once Wino cleans herself up she'll get to appear in the music videos for songs that she lends her voice to. We saw it first a few months ago when she was notably absent from the video for Mark Ronson's "Valerie" that featured her lead vocals being lip-synced by some random actresses. Ouch. This time around she's just harmonizing on the hook for Mutya Buena's "'B Boy Baby,"
but she is ghost from this clip as well, which is sad because it may have actually made this video entertaining. I mean, I understand that Amy looks like the Bride of Crackenstein and all lately, but, damn, a soul sista can't catch a break?

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1 Response

  1. bride of crackenstein...
    terrible, apt, and sad.
    you ain't right, Butta, but you're so right.
    youngin was tasty looking back in the Frank days.