Amy Winehouse: “Love is A Losing Game”

So we finally reach the end of the tour de force that is Amy Winehouse's Back to Black. The clip for "Love is a Losing Game" is a masterfully edited collection of performance footage and solemn stills, much in the same fashion as Janet Jackson's "Because of Love", just, you know, kinda sad? The visuals do, however, match the bittersweet mood of the song but it almost feels post-humus for lack of Amy's direct participation.

She's nominated for, what, 6? 6,000 Grammy Awards? The strength of this song alone qualifies the nods.


3 Responses

  1. This is creepy. It's like those videos they put together after the artist died suddenly.
    The song/video is almost too perfect as a... "closer".

  2. Damn, Amy can't even get cast in her own videos anymore. Wow.

  3. Umm, I hope she gets it together and releases another album. Homegirl can sing her arse off when she's relatively sober.