Battle of the Beats: Bilal vs. Badu “Sometimes”

Today, we got a tip in our email box suggesting we put Angie Stone's "Sometimes" from the Art of Love & War album up against Erykah Badu's "Sometimes" from Baduism. We thought it was a smashing idea since we hadn't come up with this week's battle. However, we decided to make it a bit more interesting (i.e. "arduous") by replacing Angie's fairly new track with this screamy classic from Bilal. Plus, we already know we have a healthy amount of passionate Bilal and Erykah fans visiting this joint daily.

Duke it out!

(An aside: Why are they both looking that way?)

Bilal: "Sometimes"

Erykah Badu: "Sometimes..."

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18 Responses

  1. Both are dope. Erykah nor Bilal can do no wrong in my book, even when Lord knows they are caught on tape looking and acting a mess.
    Both of these songs are good, but only one is truly dope. Bilal's "Sometimes" with his testifying cries at the end, you can almost hear that the microphone is covered with sweat and tears. His version always has made the hair stand up on the back of my neck whenever I hear it. Definitely a highlight of his long-ago debut album.

  2. Yall know Bilal got this one hands down!

  3. BADU all day everyday!

  4. This isn't even a competition! I love Ms. Badu, but Sometimes is my favourite Bilal song...classic. Bilal wins no contest!

  5. You know Nova, you're gonna make me spill out all YOUR guts. YOU KNOW that this is worse than if you had said something bad about Miss Jenkins! I can't believe you even fixed your cyberlips to compare Bilal's version to any other Sometimes eva written.
    All I got to say is that there better be some hanging chads or something to make this vote go the way it's supposed to. Now if I come back here and see things going in THE WRONG direction, I will not hesitate to send out a SMOKE signal on his Myspace. Trust me, you don't have the bandwidth to deal with that!
    Vivrant Thang

  6. * backs away slowly.... reaches for cellphone.... dials 911 *

  7. His delivery at the start of the song is so sick! His baby moms told me he read a lyric sheet backwards and it sounded dope so it made the final cut.

  8. Bilal got this all day:
    "It was cute in the beginning but now I think you only do it because you know i hate it sometimes!

  9. Bilal got this one. That's one sick mutha...nevermind.

  10. Erykah's "Sometimes" = nice song.
    Bilal's "Sometimes" = virtuoso performance.
    yup. Bilal.

  11. Glad to see most folx got sense up in here!
    I do think some VIDEO evidence needs to be presented on Bilal's behalf. Now ya'll know the album version doesn't even touch what this man does with this song live. It gives you chills. I feel you Ill Mami.
    Carry on though....

  12. i love them both
    but i think i like bilal better

  13. Bilal's "Sometimes" is a little too manic for me. I'm gonna have to go with Erykah.

  14. Erykah is my chick especially when she sports those form fitting dresses, but Bilal will get my nod for top spot in this battle though. Bilal broke it down for real with this track, so there you have it!

  15. Bilal wins this early. Yes Bilal Stan and he has a new track out called MILF, Bananas!

  16. Badu represents, but Bilal brought the soul out the hole and tore that ass up!!!

  17. This one go's To Erykah for ME!!
    Angie Stone has her own version, you can watch it on youtube!


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