Esthero And Brandy Want To Make You A ‘Believer’


Yes, you saw that correctly. Esthero, the most rockin' grrrl from Canada since Alanis Morissette, has teamed up with Brandy on backing vocals on "Believer." Sources are saying that this is a demo track that may or may not make it onto Esthero's forthcoming third release. This writer has been a huge fan of Esthero since her appearance on The Chris Rock Show almost 10 years (OMG!) ago. Both of her previous albums have been pure fire and have exhibited a progression and maturation that is often not present in most female artists these days regardless of genre. In hindsight, methinks that the Brandy collaboration actually makes sense since their voices do seem to complement each other, and Brandy is often seen fully clothed yet still alluring...much like Esthero herself. This track seems a bit more radio-friendly than her previous work, and is kind of reminiscent of Brandy's "Full Moon." You be the judge...

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  2. i like it but couldn't really distinguish brandy's voice from esthero's. it would have been nice if she had her own verse, especially since we haven't heard from her in so long.

  3. I'm still trying to play catchup with esthero's current stuff. "breath from another" is one of my favorite albums of all time. I love that girl, and Dragonfly's Outro blue me away on the last album.
    This song is cool, but i'm waiting for her to do big things on the next project...
    ...and not take so damn long.

  4. This song is so smooth...the vocals blend perfectly...the harmonies bring life..i love it..but then again I love everything from esthero


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