Leave Lauryn Alone?

lauryn_183706.jpgI'm really on the fence when it comes to Lauryn Hill.

When claims of her erratic behavior first began surfacing, I basically attributed it to the frustration of being a public figure whose fame and expectations had skyrocketed out of control. And I can understand that. Some people simply aren't emotionally armed to deal with that level of stardom.

Then things got weirder. Things like, Lauryn refusing to credit her collaborators, charging ridiculous amounts of money for interviews and generally making life a living Hell for her bandmates Wyclef and Pras. Now both of them are going on the record calling her "crazy".

At first, it sounded like they were simply accusing her her of being batsh*t loony and egotistical, but now she's "bi-polar" if we are to believe Wyclef's expert opinion. When you claim someone needs psychiatric help, it becomes a different story, and I'm not sure I trust the intentions of his pleas to help Lauryn, because at this point in the game, they come off awfully mean-spirited and petty.

I dig old Fugees and Lauryn records, but I have no particular feeling towards these guys, positive or negative. I'm also not going to let the "genius of her music" argument excuse some of this stuff. But, from where I sit, Lauryn might just need one of her contemporaries to give her a good throttling and Wyclef needs to hush.

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2 Responses

  1. The whole Lauryn Hill situation is sad. But honestly I agree with what you said about Wyclef. He does come off as mean spirited and I honestly think he's jealous of her. After she did Miseducation and blew the hell up he did that tell all story with VIBE magazine about their secret affair. That was lame. He is so full of himself. It's bad enough she got her heart broken (although she shouldn't have been dealing with a married man) but he participated. I think he somehow wanted to be credited as the man who caused the pain that made the MEOLH so freakin' outstanding. Twisted.

  2. Ive given up on Lauryn, if she comes out with another album its great, if she doesnt thats ok too... its sad that shes turned out the way she has, or atleast is coming off the way she is, especially with such a classic album, and like u said, i was understanding at first! hell when i have too many expectations around a painting im doing i go apesh*t but i can imagine how u would feel about a heavily publicly anticipated album! but hell the way i feel now, give me another Amy winehouse album and call it a damn day.