Morning Soul: All Mariah Wants For Christmas

  • Free Amy Winehouse! We got five on her commissary. [NYDN]
  • Why is every hip-hop blog posting the nine-minute version of Common's "Testify" video like it's new? Clearly these people don't watch VH1 Soul. [BHH]
  • Check out this bonus track from Lupe Fiasco's CD, The Cool. [NR]
  • Get an exclusive first look at Ghostface Killah's literary debut, The World According to Pretty Toney. This looks like pure comedy. [Wooohah!]
  • A judge dismissed a secondary wrongful-death lawsuit in the murder of The Notorious B.I.G. [MFLA]

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1 Response

  1. She is soooooooooo beautifull!! She sings the STUFF out of this song!!! This is one of my favorite, and now that i seen the video it is definately the SHITZ!!!! Go Mariah, DO THE DAMN THING!!!!!