Name That Beat: Calling All Crate Diggers

45s.jpgThis writer has been particularly impressed with the speed with which you, the faithful Soul Bounce readers, have been responding to the previous "Name That Beat" trivia questions. Last week's beat was "Bouncy Lady" by Pleasure which was sampled by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince on their song "Brand New Funk." As Belve pointed out last week, this was also sampled by JJ Fad on "Now Really." In this case, the teacher apparently was schooled by the pupil. Strangé to you, Belve. 

Here is this week's sample below. To win a week's worth of bragging rights, you must name the original sample title and artist as well as the song and artist which sampled it.

Good luck and may you all have a very happy holiday season.



2 Responses

  1. Ouch.
    Tough one. Maybe I gotta fall back.
    Only got half of it. Spinna sampled this on his remix of De La Soul's "Stakes Is High".

  2. Man, this sounds familiar... something from ATCQ?