Parsing the 112 Comeback

112_2657865.jpgAnyone that knows me is aware that I'm quite the fan of 90s-era Bad Boy, so it goes without saying that 112 was one of my favorite acts of the time. The first three albums were classic material, but the two post-Bad Boy joints, not so much. In fact, if you were to combine the good songs from Hot & Wet and Pleasure & Pain, you'd only have half of a good CD. Diddy caught a lot of flack in his dealings with 112, but I strongly suspect that the superb execution of those early releases had a lot to do with his finicky, questionable leadership.

That probably wouldn't be the case these days, and I'm not sure linking up with Irv Gotti will yield anything better.

Granted, Lloyd's last album was surprisingly listenable and well-executed, but 112 is at a point where they need to drop some serious grown folk's music. My fear with the Murder Inc. partnership is that Irv will do to 112 what Diddy did to New Edition-- try to make them sound "younger". Considering that 112 is an act from the South, it can probably be assumed that crunk- and snap-fortified tracks will be a priority, as well as the requisite "flavor-of-the-month" guest spots that are currently dominating the charts. 112 featuring T-Pain and Lil' Wayne is not only cringe-worthy, but extremely likely.

To say the least, I'm not excited by this return. I still got love for 112, but I'm giving this new partnership the serious side-eye. Here's hoping Irv and the fellas prove me wrong.

R&B Group 112 Starts Record Label, Partners with Irv Gotti [SingersRoom]

112: "Only You (Slow Remix)"

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5 Responses

  1. I'll come out of the closet and declare my love for 112. I have all of their CD's...
    Yes "Pleasure and Pain" and "Hot and Wet = a really good EP.
    I'm not excited about the Gotti linkup (it's working wonders for Vanessa Carlton... umm, no).
    But you never know what may happen..

  2. I love 112 but I think they've given us all they can give. For some reason, groups tend to get played. And I think it's because people expect a certain sound from them, and when they don't deliver, people don't accept it. But on the other hand, when they continue to deliver their sound people tend to grow out of it. Groups just can't win.

  3. i am a big 112 fan and i have to agree that hot & wet sucked!!!!!!!!! but i pleasure and pain was hot. but i don't know about them being with irv gotti

  4. 112 is one of my favorite contemporary groups. I'm giving their association with Irv Gotti the side-eye but hopefully their talent will balance any label chicanery. I hope that Irv gives them the same push he gave Lloyd and not Vanessa Carlton.

  5. Ugh, I know this isn't technically on topic but everytime someone mentions NE/Bad Boy or NE/Puff I want to hurl something across the room bc I saw that coming from the beginning and don't understand why anyone signs w/ Bad Boy in this decade...Puff isn't into the music exec thing and just screws over whoever signs w/ him, but anyway, back on topic...I'm a fan but much like JE while they may get a little bit of radio play here and there, I don't see them dominating the charts again in today's music scene...