Re: Lupe Fiasco’s Remarkable Village Voice Interview

lupesmall.jpgEver since I ended my AmyWatch some weeks ago, I can't help but be interested in anything Lupe Fiasco says or does these days. How many times has The Village Voice interviewed this cat? Twice before? Eleventy-twelve? It feels that way. Whatever the case, keep it coming Voice bloggers/journos! Lulu's side-eye-inducing statements are the gifts that keep on giving!

As you know, The Cool is performed by three different characters of the rapper's imagining--The Cool, The Streets and The Game. But there were other Lupe-incarnates that didn't make the final cut. I now present for you the many sides of Lulu filtered through Ben Westhoff, filtered through Camille Dodero [NOTE: I'm not even gonna touch on T-Pain being on his Top 10 of 2007 list. Oh look, I just did. Oopsie!]:

Humble Lulu: "Huh? I got another Grammy nomination? Oh, snap!"

Business-Savvy Lulu:
"I think I'm obligated for like, three more records on my label after The Cool, but you ain't necessarily gotta do 'em."

Rocket Scientist Lulu: "It's like, you don't make any money unless you sell tons and tons of records."

Lulu the Nihilistic Academic: 'I'm battling with Nietzsche."

Dyson Lulu: "Imagine all the stuff I don't put into my music because I can't find a word to rhyme with 'plethora.'"

Lulu Bonet: "The Cool is played by Kadeem Hardison, from A Different World."

Ironic Lulu: "But, I really like Chris Brown. He's dope."

L.A. Fiasco:
"I don't eat red #40 food coloring, especially when I learned where it
came from, which is like these crushed up insect bodies. I was like,
'Ewww.' So, I just have an affinity for yellow M&M's. I bet
everybody has that weird, kooky thing, and that's mine. They all taste
the same. I actually had to stop, because they gave me wicked

Interview: Lupe Fiasco [Sound of the City]



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