The Mary Mix

mary_model.jpgMary J. Blige is releasing her eight studio album Growing Pains on December 18th. If you haven't succumbed to curiosity and need something to tide you over for another few days, I've blended a selection of tracks from her 15-year career to keep your head nodding.

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  1. Free (interlude)
  2. Baggage (Remix)
  3. Steal Away (ft. Pharrell)
  4. Don't Walk Away (unreleased)
  5. Love Is All We Need (Remix ft. Foxy Brown)
  6. Mary Jane (All Night Long)
  7. Love No Limit (Remix)
  8. Everyday It Rains
  9. Out Of My Head (unreleased)
  10. Work That
  11. Be Happy (Bad Boy Remix ft. Keith Murray)
  12. Reminisce (Remix ft. CL Smooth)
  13. I Love You (Remix ft. Smif N Wesson)
  14. So Lady (unreleased)
  15. Didn't Mean
  16. Back to Life (DJ Clue)
  17. I Try (Talib Kweli)
  18. Enough Cryin (Cory Craig Remix)
  19. You Bring Me Joy
  20. Everything (SoSo Def Remix)
  21. Making It Hard (Diddy)
  22. Disrespectful (Chaka Khan)
  23. Changes I've Been Going Through
  24. Touch It (Busta Rhymes)
  25. Real Love (Remix ft. Notorious B.I.G.)

The Mary Mix [ODEO]


4 Responses

  1. BRILLIANT...nova i owe u my first born for this

  2. First and second born actually. This has been in constant rotation on the pod for a minute now. Made me fall back in love with MJB again. Thanks Slim!

  3. Thanks Nova....I'm feeling it all over again!!

  4. i need this mary mix how do i download some one please help me


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