112’s Love Song To Puffy


If you're anything like me, then you may skip through the skits or
interludes on a CD to get to the real tracks. That's gotta explain how
I missed this gem of an interlude from 112's self-titled debut CD, but I came
across it just recently when converting this disc into MP3.
Imagine my surprise when this interlude came on sandwiched nicely between two songs, and I actually listened to it I think for the first time.

112 sings "Keep It Real" with all of the heart and soul they could
muster to celebrate their former bossman, Sean Combs, then still going by the Puffy moniker. These dudes are singing hard, and this song is quite comical to listen to now. I don't know what's
funnier, when the fellas break out into some serious four-part harmony
when singing Craig Mack's name or their brief Jodeci imitation. Nah, I think the overall Puffy lovefest is what has me over here LOL.

As narcissistic as Diddy is I'm surprised he didn't release this as a single--or at least a B-side complete with a remix.
112: "Keep It Real" (Interlude)

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7 Responses

  1. Yo, this is hilarious ! One of them actually sings "ooh yeah baby" to Puffy. If they was my boys, I would never let them live this down, Straight harassment for life!

  2. LOL @ Butta for unearthin' this. Who woulda thunk the guy they were serenading would be the same person to derail their career some years later. Too much irony for words.

  3. these bammas are positively bamtastic.

  4. LOL @ Love.... so, would this be another example of 'When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong'?

  5. I distinctively remember this interlude when the CD was released and I played it religiously - mainly because I'm a piano freak.
    But yes, my how things have changed.

  6. I've personally always LOVED this interlude. ESPECIALLY the JODECIIIII ("Forever my lady!") harmonizational skills.
    But that's just me.

  7. Yep although Puff makes my teeth itch, I have always loved this interlude because they were getting their "sangin" on and the Jodeciiiiii (int he K-Ci) voice - classic!