And Ya Don’t Stop…Aging?

timbaland_mary_wyclef.JPGWell, according to Monday's New York Daily News, some of the industry's biggest R&B and hip-hop stars--including SoulBounce fave Mary J. Blige--are allegedly guilty of ordering peformance-enhancing drugs, including steroids and human growth hormone.  The drugs are supposedly en vogue for celebs obsessed with the drugs' anti-aging effects. 

While Mary's rep forcefully denies the claims, records obtained by the Albany Times Union show that between 2005 and 2007, the singer received multiple shipments of HGH and anabolic steroids from an Orlando pharmacy.  Others on the Union hit list include Fiddy, Wyclef, Timbaland and (gasp!) Tyler Perry, who were all unavailable for comment. The paper also states that the stars sometimes used fake names to receive prescriptions allegedly signed by a Florida doc before being sent to a Long Island chiropractor, who doubles as an anti-aging consultant for a New York gym.

Say. It. Ain't. So.

Please know that we'll keep a close side-eye on all of this as it develops *rim shot* (bad steroid joke, sorry).  In the meantime, bounce on over to read the rest of the story.

Mary J. Blige named in steroid report [DN]

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3 Responses

  1. Considering how much of a porker Timmy was before his second wave of success with the white boy ... now that I look at that photo I wouldn't be surprised if he's roided up. But I don't like the bastard, so I guess it's in me to think poorly of him. Regardless, I really don't see why they are beating on this - they aren't athletes or anything and roids aren't helping them sell records.

  2. It's important that those named on this so-called list be differentiated between those who received Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and those who received steroids at performance-enhancing doses. Steroids at such high doses are illegal. HGH has been around since the golden days of Hollywood (Rock Hudson admitted taking them). It's still not legal under a doctor's supervision as long as it's not used for the reasons celebrities use it.
    I say so what if they took either. It's their money and their body. If Timbaland and 50 want to sustain shrunken testicles, loss of body hair, and other signs of feminization, so be it.
    It would be so funny to see, though. LOL

  3. Ah, why wasn't LL Cool J suspect?