Badu Talks Challenges of ‘New AmErykah’

Erykah Badu, who's looking suspiciously like Willy Wonka's doppleganger in this clip, talks about some of the challenges she's been faced with as it pertains to her February release, New AmErykah. In the clip below, she points out that each album is a beautiful struggle because of the whole "without struggle there is no progress" kind of a thing. She also points out that because she is mostly in competition with herself, the resultant product is that, like Wu-Tang Clan, she "ain't nothin' to f*ck with." 

Indeed, Erykah. Indeed.   


3 Responses

  1. Did she have a stroke?

  2. chick's a goddess...can't wait for new amerykah!

  3. Her first two albums in my opinion were genius. Her last album was whack. The more creative she gets the worst her albums get. Honey, her new release, is elementary compared to her first works. It's like she's going backwards, a creative digression.
    Maybe I just have to get use to the song Honey, Maybe it will grow on me...
    LMAO at "doppleganger"...