BlogBeat: Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, ‘Barney Miller’

Not only do your friendly SoulBounce Editors talk about music here, but we do it on our personal blogs, too. Check out some recent posts we've written about Janet Jackson's "Feedback", a Jill Scott sighting and that funky Barney Miller theme music.

"What I don't understand are the apologists for this video that are calling it "European" like the rest of the world is too stupid and uncultured to get it. Why is it that anytime something is avant garde or hard to explain, people jump to "European"? "European" would be a sad clown kicking a ball across the stage for an hour with a leaky faucet in the background. This video is foolish, not "European"." [nOva]

jill_philly_crop.jpg"Then I saw her. It was the smile that gave her away. Jill was dressed down in a black coat, jeans and a hat that covered her lovely locks, but you could spot that radiant smile a country mile away." [Butta]

"This bass line was sick! Has any artist ever sampled this? It's begging for a beat!" [illMami]

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6 Responses

  1. The video is just alright to me. Everyone is making such a big deal of it, claiming it to be THE best music video in years. Um... no. The first half of the video is too slow and laid-back for the song. The second half is a little better, but the end is pretty digusting. Are those white balls and lava supposed to be eggs and semen? Gross! And the "white lava" streams up... ew. Not too classy, Ms. Jackson. But I guess if you listen to the song closely enough, you realize that the song is about 0rgasms.

  2. The last part of the video is lifted from a scene in Patricia Rozema's Canadian movie When Night is Falling when Petra, the lesbian avant-garde circus member, performs an act where she does a pantomine dance of juggling balls of light. So in the "Feedback" video it is totally unoriginal.

  3. This video is one of the worst ever.

  4. I liked the first part of the Feedback video. Janet looked like some outer space super hero, jumping from planet to planet. The other half where she and a gang of folks are dancing in some milky substance? Yeah, I didn't get that. Also, one of the few lyrics I could make out was, "My love's heavy like a first day period". No, Janet, just no. Somebody needs to step their lyric game up.

  5. I'm not hot on the 'Feedback' vid but I love the song to pieces. The video did what it was supposed to: It got folks talking. Love it or hate it, mission accomplished.

  6. It is supposed to be weird. That's the point. I'm glad JJ did something that was esoteric & arty for art's sake. If she did a a strict dance video, she would've been called dull. Girl can't win for losing.
    I dug it, the whole planet/creation/sexual thing was obvious to those who approached the video without expecting JJ to be doing RN1814 how many years later. It is refreshing to see someone doing something that is different in the urban game than some lame ass "Get Me Bodied" bull.
    And for the record, JJ is "heavy like a first day period." RIGHT ON, Janet Jackson. Get weird & creative on they behinds!


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