Bounce Back: Soul For Real


This week's Bounce Back artists are the Brothers Dalyrimple, a.k.a. Soul for Real. After ten years (wow, has it been that long? Yikes!) of laying in the cut, the Aljoba Music Group recording artists are back on the scene with brand new music. Seems like just yesterday they were droppin' some "Candy Rain" on fools. Times done changed.

The first single from their forthcoming CD is "One Man", featuring Jadakiss.  The track samples liberally from the Lenny Williams classic "'Cause I Love You" and shows the group in full throat. 

The oldest sibling, Chris (his nickname is "Choc", but we here at SoulBounce refuse to refer to grown men as such) wasn't around for the press tour (which meant they were "One Man" down), but the fellas insist he's still with the group. Good for him. Personally, I'm still trippin' from seeing lil' Jason all grown up. Where for art thou falsetto, bro?

Check the single below and leave some feedback on the Bounce Back.

Soul For Real: "One Man" feat. Jadakiss

Soul for Real [MySpace]

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4 Responses

  1. Ima love mostly anything with Jada on it. But I'm feeling this track and I'm glad they still have it... This is gonna hit the Playlist for the month! Good looking out!

  2. not a bad comeback as comebacks go.
    I'm just waiting for the day when the juvenile-cancer-patient-oversized-fitted look finally dies for good.

  3. Hmmmm, not bad at all. Thank goodness TPain wasn't featured!

  4. I think its hot i like the recycled beat soul 4 real still sound good its good music