Brandy Get’s A Haircut. And?

Brandy recently did what most of us would have done after not catching a case for a car accident that resulted in someone's death. She got a trendy new haircut! And Extra was there to cover it like it was a real event.
Excuse me for not being overly impressed with B-Rocka's new 'do as she is quite a friend of synthetic hair, which I suspect she is still wearing here. If she showed her real hair in public? Now that would be a story. All snark aside, this funky jagged bob is a good look for Ms. Norwood. What would be an ever better look is some new music. I'm just saying.


6 Responses

  1. You mean that Esthero song with her doing backing vocals isn't a part of elaborate comeback?
    Isn't it funny how both Brandy and her stylist have the exact same haircut? Sigh...LA is so weird.

  2. This is about as significant as Bey and Kanye playing Connect Four, or Bey and Jay using a computer.

  3. Kiyah is pronounced Kee-yah, not Kie-yah.
    You're right Butta, this is insignificant, but the cut is super cute.

  4. She is going to hate herself when that starts to grow out.

  5. I love the new cut. It suits her well.

  6. In case you haven't heard, Brandy was NOT at fault in the collision. The woman who died (RIP) was under the influence of a drug and struck another vehicle before Brandy hit her. I think she is allowed to get over this tragic ordeal and move on with her life. And that includes getting a new haircut, and showing those who care that she is doing better.


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