Brandy Said ‘The Boy is Mine’ and She Meant It


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Last Friday I posted Will.I.Am's remix of the Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney duet "The Girl is Mine" and how he dumped Paul's vocals in favor of his own ad-libs and rap verse. "The Girl is Mine" should be a fight, right? And so should  'The Boy is Mine". I'm not really sure what precipitated this, but here's the official Darkchild remix of "The Boy is Mine" featuring Shaunta ("Love 2 Love U") and no Monica!

I don't know what's more shady, Brandy doing this remix dolo or Monica naming her second album The Boy is Mine. The beat itself is kinda hot, way more aggressive than the corny keyboard loop of the original, but I don't see any reason for Monica not to be on it. After ten years, I still feel some kinda way about this!

Brandy: "The Boy is Mine (Darkchild Remix ft. Shaunta)"

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6 Responses

  1. This mix is great, even without Monica. The beat had me jammin at my desk!

  2. I like this mix... its real smooth for me... but I definitely like Monica for this song, too.

  3. Monica wasn't coming up with any funds for the extra production! LOL

  4. this trax is the bomb can send me a copy please

  5. That's hot. Any1 kno where I can get a copy of this remix?

  6. i'm sorry, where did this mix come from? i can't find it anywhere else!