But At Least Erykah’s Shoes Were Fierce


It's no secret how I feel about Erykah Badu's hair *cough* styles. Girlfriend is always wearing some wacky wig and yesterday was no exception when she was spotted in NYC stepping out of an SUV in a rather eclectic ensemble. Erykah and her don't-give-a-damn-ness is almost comical at this point, but that's precisely why I love her. And something else that I love is those shoes that she was rocking. Those platform pumps are the business and almost make up for the rest of this look. Almost.
Click here or on the photo above for Erykah's complete outfit from head to peep-toe.


3 Responses

  1. This is why I heart, heart, heart this woman!!! Go Badu!!! Can't wait for the next cd!!!

  2. Bella posted this over on her site today. The comments are funny. She thinks it's the hotness. Made me take a second look because you know Bella knows of what she speaks. I still vote no though. But you have to admire her "don't give a damn what ya'll fools think about me" swagger. For that, I will always love her.

  3. As someone who makes things match whether other people agree with me or not, I'm not too mad at Ms. Badu's above clothing choices. Just think of the top half as one outfit and the bottom as another outfit that somehow matches with the fur stole she's carrying.
    In fact, can the silver Mercedes SUV be considered a part of her 'fit?
    I say, yes. Yes, it can 🙂