Eric Roberson’s ‘Pen Just Cries Away’

Ever since his latest album dropped last year, I was wondering if Eric Roberson was ever going to release any videos from ...Left. My prayers have finally been answered with this fresh-from-YouTube vid for "Pen Just Cries Away," one of my favorite tracks from the CD. Directed by Wes Felton/W. Ellington Felton, this is a simple black and white clip for the Kev Brown-produced track. Nice work, fellas.

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3 Responses

  1. Butta, I know you are jumping out of your skin! I love it! Simple but classic.

  2. Nice. This song and "Too Soon" are really the only songs I like on "Left."
    This will be some good pub for him.

  3. I can imagine Butta two-steppin' all over her house in excitement! I really dug this video. Thanks for sharing. Erro is the TRUTH!