Erykah Badu Has ‘Nuff Tings In Store For Her Fans


As a recent participant in the Barbados Jazz Festival, Erykah Badu's revealed some interesting developments she has in store to a Jamaican newspaper. First off, Erykah has plans to launch a magazine, Freaq, an obvious nod to her Control FreaQ record label. Aside from the eagerly anticipated New AmErykah album that's set to be released on her birthday of February 26th, Erykah also has plans for two other albums. Return of the Ankh is slated for a July release, and New AmErykah II which Erykah plans to be released via USB sticks that allow fans to have access to new material as soon as it's released. This last development gives more meaning to her claim that she is truly an "analog girl in a digital world." Additionally, you stans out there will be happy to know that she manages her own MySpace page, instead of it being managed by someone else not worthy of your digital love and adulation. It's great to hear that this will be a prolific year for Ms. Badu, after way too long of a hiatus. 

"Being the new Badu" [TJO]


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  1. Good post Ill Mami.
    I'm overloaded with Stanning responsibilities but E Badu can do no wrong in my book. I am excited about the USB sticks. Again, she's so innovative.

  2. She said today on that info in this story was incorrect. Here's what she said:
    info was wrong in that article...
    im putting albulm out on feb. 26 on USB stick AND cd
    -cd reg price
    -usb stic 25-30 buks a pop
    the content of USB will include :
    .full albulm art work
    .bonus trk
    .videos 1&2
    .video comentary of new amerykah pts 1&2
    and on the 26 of each month (march - dec.) ,
    a song from NEW AMERYKAH pt 2 RETURN OF THE ANKH (10 songs)
    will be uploaded unto the stick.
    BUT WAIT...
    + on 26th of each month, other bonus material along with each song
    ie: erykah reveals secrets about how she really doesnt give a shit ... and other treats .
    BUT WAIT...
    in july 08 , you can get part 2 RETURN OF THE ANKH,on cd- the entire albulm ,along with
    'THE FREAQ 'magazine issue #00.. as the cd's cover (holla)
    mag will be the size of a wax poetic mag.
    i'll release mag once every quarter spring equinox, summ soltice ..etc.
    ... keep in mind that the first issue serves as NApt 2's cover..
    therefore the "feature article" and mag cover will focus on NA pts 1&2 content.
    get it ?

  3. @ Jennifer: Apologies for your comment not posting earlier. For some reason it was reported as spam and held in moderation for about 2 hours. Perhaps our system thinks "equinox" is another word for Viagra. LOL!

  4. y'all make me feel totally fine with stanning for this woman. that usb stick sounds magical.

  5. nOvaMatic: it's all good
    bianca: i'm a proud badu fan...i mean stan, lol...welcome to the club!

  6. I find something about her to be extremely annoying. Her image is a problem for me. However, I do like her music and will likely get the album. I just don't think she is real. At all.

  7. S. Flemming:
    I admit that when she first came out, it was kinda clear that Kedar modeled her to be this turban-wearing, insence burning, jazzy, neo-soul queen. But I think now she is just E. Badu. Period. Real.

  8. Um dont flex Ms. Badu is trill! Ya digg? If we got a prob I got the shoot gun on ya back.

  9. Avatar

    Only she can get away with singing, "The whole encyclopedjuh


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