Erykah Badu’s Israel Tour Poster


As we wait with baited breath for every tidbit of information related to anything having to do with next month's release of New AmErykah (including the "Honey" video we posted yesterday), we present to you the concert poster for her Tel Aviv, Israel show on February 2, 2008. In keeping with the "let's cram as many cryptic symbols as we can" vibe also displayed on the album's artwork, it's nice to see Erykah leading the way to the resurgence of the lost art of cover and poster artistry.  

All three versions of the poster can be found here



3 Responses

  1. The poster isn't showing up on this post, can't see it 🙁 I clicked through to the other page, and those look dope. Can't wait for her album to drop!

  2. EMEK is so gifted!


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