For A King, Celebrate!

The year was 1986. Video Music Box in New York was the place to see the premiere of a video that would change my life. Of course I'm talking about "King Holiday" by the King Dream Chorus & Holiday Crew. Not only is it a great song featuring many of our old school hip hop and R&B heroes, and one that set me on my current career path as an activist, I guarantee you it'll be one of the only times you see the following:

  • Kurtis Blow and Menudo swaying side by side
  • Lisa Lisa looking lost without Cult Jam
  • Ronnie and Mike of New Edition with actual singing solos, and
  • Whitney rocking a sweater-headband combo (all that was missing were matching leg warmers for the trifecta!)

Word to Dexter King.

Oh, and if anyone knows exactly what Kurtis says during his solo rap near the end of the song, please tell me. I'll gladly say that you're better than me for a whole day.

Today, as the nation commemorates Dr. King's birthday (yes, we know his birthday is actually January 15th), and I reminisce about my unhealthy crush on Stacy Lattisaw, take a moment to peep the video and ask yourself:  Do you want to love somebody?

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