Gangsta Guilds: Grammys Targeted, Image Awards Spared

Gramaphone.gifThe Writers Guild of America is so gangsta. So far it looks like the Grammy Awards ceremony won't be shut down like the Golden Globes but there will be a picket. Ouch. What did Fergie ever do to you guys? This of course means members of SAG won't be involved in the ceremony, as their continued solidarity discourages them from crossing the picket line, but we have to wonder how some of our favorite nominated performers will approach the situation. Chaka Khan? Kanye West? Vikter Duplaix? Will they throw bows to hear their names called?

There is, however, a reprieve from all this madness. The WGA West has granted a waiver to the NAACP, allowing their 39th Image Awards ceremony to be scripted by members of the Guild and not be disrupted by a picket line.  We're sure this probably has something to do with Will Smith being the most powerful black Scientologist actor in the universe. [SOHH, Defamer]

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2 Responses

  1. I was soooo hoping the Image Awards would go unscripted. Imagine television employing the first ever 30 minute tape delay for a broadcast just in case something jumped off!?!?
    So yeah, I'll still go to the show, but I was kinda hoping for some history to be made. Sigh.

  2. So does this mean there will be no secret SB Grammy watching party where we can scream and throw things at the TV?
    I was gonna host it too.
    But I ain't got no cable.