Idolator Presses Pause on Winehouse Schadenfreude


Perhaps we've started a trend. Back in November I vowed that I, personally, would no longer use this space to cover Amy Winehouse's personal turmoils, a move that has since been cited in the Houston Press). I've loosened the reigns a bit but the original intent remains. Documenting every step of her tragedy is the easiest route to go, and honestly I can't keep up. I'm above it. The crack-smoking video seems to be the catalyst for Jess Harvell's suspension of Amy drama posts over at Idolator.

We trade in fun (and not so fun) gossip as much as the next site, and we've also occasionally made jokey "Winehouse is on the drugs again" references in stories on the singer, which means we won't be calling anyone out for getting on the Winehouse page views gravy train. But without getting too hand-wringy and while this may just be backed up Catholic guilt for a lack of empathy for the dude from Crazy Town bubbling over, might it be time to put a Britney-style (and Doherty-style) hold on Winehouse-related news items unless they actually have to do with actual music/video product to be reviewed and discussed?

Now it's everyone else's turn.

The Saga of Amy Winehouse: We Cry Uncle [Idolator]

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3 Responses

  1. Great move. If only the "white" blogs would discontinue their coverage on Britney's "trainwreckedness" the internet would be a better place.

  2. @ Love:
    Say word to that.

  3. Look at ya'll getting "referenced." Hotness!


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