Jay-Z / Mary J. Blige Album in the Works?

jay-z-mary-j-blige.jpgAHH rumors: "I know how true this is, but the source is pretty good! I heard that Mary J. Blige and Jay-Z might be in talks to do an album. Basically, this is a concept album in the same spirit as Jay-Z's Best of Both Worlds with R. Kelly. Mary and Jay have worked together in the past for years and years. I think it could be a good deal."

Indeed! If there's an ounce of truth to this I'll be the first one in line (i.e. hitting the itunes pre-order button) to grab this joint. Mary and Jigga have been teasing us ever since "Can't Knock the Hustle" with interludes, drops and unreleased tracks like "Rock Steady" and "Turn Off the Lights" for years. This is what should've happened instead of Best of Both Worlds and I'm surprised he hasn't decided to cash in with a more obvious choice of a full-length album with his ladylove Beyonce.

So what producers would make this team-up really pop? 9th Wonder? Diddy and his Hitmen? Kanye West? We're watching this one closely.


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  1. Because an album w/ B would have to be MUCH more pop and geared towards a much more MTV audience, where an album w/ MJB could definitely be more for the hood or a soul audience, in my remember the video for Bonnie & Clyde '03 - all that B-girl postuering she was doing in that video really got on my nerves bc it just wasn't legit to me. And when I heard the audio from Jay's 10 year tribute to Reasonable Doubt where she was his guest and sung Mary's part on Can't Knock the Hustle while she obviously can sing, it just wasn't gritty enough for that song for me


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