Kanye West Is Estelle’s ‘American Boy’


has teamed up with Kanye West for the second single from her upcoming CD, Shine. "American Boy" is a breezy track that is reminiscent of an '80s groove. Me likey. What me no likey is this nasty rumor I heard that Shine has been pushed back from a February to a May release. I suppose that her label wants to build up some more momentum for her project, but I don't know if this single is strong enough to carry it until then. Thoughts?

Estelle: "American Boy" feat. Kanye West

And who saw Estelle on the John Legend Bailey's Get Together special on TV One last month? Girlfriend was working it. Click here for the video.

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13 Responses

  1. This is the business -- I dig the 80's flavor on this, forreal.

  2. Me lovee Estelle.

  3. now i can get with this!!! good stuff!

  4. i love the 80 favor too. Nice song

  5. a good tune, but i don't think it has the strength to carry people through to a may release. "wait a minute (just a touch)" has more of a buzz-carrying potential, imo. killed it on the production for that one.
    really hope the major label powers that be didn't do estelle dirty with pushing back the release date. sister woman's got crazy talent and deserves the exposure. we'll see what happens come may...

  6. It's a cool song.. but it really don't have enough momentum to carry me through the end of January... much less to May.
    Better strike while the iron is at least lukewarm (now) as opposed to cold (May).

  7. 2008 cant start any better this shit is a true banger kanye did it again man we in da houseeeeeeeeee

  8. Ummm...this is the beat that Will.I.Am used for a song off his album also. It's a track called "I Can't Wait"'s a hot beat!!
    Anyhow, they are both hot tracks and I can definitely jam to both of em!!

  9. Umm actually that track is called "Impatient

  10. Good track, I think it can go the distance!

  11. Avatar

    looking forward to this album i love the vibe of this track kanye adds a touch of genious too it as its a different style of kanye feeling it she needs a collab wit ma boy common thou will credit her in the long run

  12. I love her she is gorgeus and kanye is fine


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