Lina Is Sticking Around

Attention, Lina fans!
Our girl is coming back with a new CD, Morning Star, on February 12th, and a video was shot for the single "I'll Stick Around." It's great to see Lina still in the game and doing her thing independently after failed deals with Atlantic and Hidden Beach. I'm feeling both the song and the clip. This is definitely a good look for this talented sista singer.

Some trivia: What 2007 movie could Lina be seen in singing "Santa Baby"?

Lina [Official][MySpace][MySpace]


2 Responses

  1. Nice song! I like
    The answer would be: This Christmas!

  2. Once again, you have put another artist back on my radar this week. I own both Lina albums but had not gotten a chance to check out her new work. I didn't know she was no longer with HB. I wonder what happened with that. Anywho, LOVE.THIS.SONG. Can't wait for the latest. Off to her Myspace....