Lulu Determined to be Most Controversial Rapper of Our Time Without Shooting Someone

luludig.JPGOur favorite lyric-forgetting, nose-picking DID-sufferer is at it again! Lupe Fiasco recently got into a heated debate with Rhymefest over politics, of all things! For starters, we commend these guys for arguing over an issue that actually affects society and not their own personal interests, however,  we get the sinking suspicion that neither of them is really paying attention. Kudos to Fest's dropping the facts about Iran, (about which Lulu was glaringly ignorant) but his approach relies heavily on "racial fidelity". To simply regard Barack Obama as "The Great Black Hope" is courting disaster, and hope does not a President make.

But at least Rhymefest plans to vote. Sayeth Lulu: "I'm not voting for anybody, I don't believe in voting on that level." Yes, Lulu, we all saw what happened in Florida and Ohio in 2000 and 2004 respectively, but this would probably be the best time to get over that.

"But I want Hillary to win." Too bad voting for Hillary in your heart doesn't make a difference.

At some point I'm sure we all wished rappers would speak on more significant issues. Perhaps that was asking for too much too soon.

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