Martin Luther is a ‘Super Nova’

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  1. This cracks me up. I would definitely do some shyt like this, except I dont have an album to sing along to... or a voice to sing with, lol

  2. he sounds amazing how many albums does he have out

  3. Didn't he say "Frisco's Finest" at the beginnning? Isn't that SF in the background? Or is that just me being biased, being from the Bay? Does LA have a Sutro Tower? Help me y'all, I'm feeling clueless....

  4. HA! That IS SF! I thought I was trippin'. That's Sutro Tower in the background. You had me messed up for a minute. He says "Frisco's Finest" in the beginning of the clip. Good thing I re-watched that joint.

  5. @ Ms. Kiti:
    You're right. I'm wrong. My bad. I guess I was the biased one living in LA and all ;-p

  6. @ ill Mami: Looks like you hit paydirt with this one. *dap*

  7. How funny! All that sexiness, talent and a sense of humor. I'm loving it!

  8. I don't live in the Bay Area, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Select there once, so I am biased towards it. And yes, that was it in the background! Yea San Francisco!!