Maxwell is SO Talking About SoulBounce!

maxwell_bsn.JPGWe have a long, tumultuous relationship with Maxwell's blog because we want answers. Unlike a lot of other singers, Maxwell's professional and personal business isn't all on Front Street, which is good, but it leaves the fans hungry and longing. Assuming he's actually the one managing his blog and not a bunch of "handlers", then his cryptic, non-specific posts are the only clues we have into his state of mind and progress. And, we love him, so he could write the whole thing in binary code and we'd re-post it here. Holla at us, Maxi!

long absence i know and i hope your time has been well spent with love
and light brighter than the human eye can bear. your messages have not
been read but i will attend to this on sunday.

to you and all
the wondrous sites who have kept my music alive with comments and
pictures; thank you. i still can't understand why you care so much but
nothing good should be questioned; only accepted.
[That's us, that's us! - Ed.]

Read more of Maxwell's non-answers here. Yes, we know.


6 Responses

  1. hilarious
    yall are a trip. leave that dude be, he is probably enjoying a very fruitful and multifaceted love life and sometimes that can make anyone drunk (especially if they did smart things with their money!)
    I guess yall have given up on D'Angelo huh. Anyone have the live Voodoo DVD?

  2. @ Brandon: D'Angelo is still in our Google Alerts! He just isn't reaching out as much, but when he does, we'll be there to appropriate, interpret and contextualize. Also, when's the next event?

  3. Keep the pressure on! Yes we do care damn you Maxwell! He'd better get moving on the music. I wouldn't be so rabid myself if he wasn't so fine AND talented.

  4. Its weird how people are weird on purpose

  5. He and Rahsaan (and Wilona) have been in the studio with Bilal. The tracks will be the hotness though. Stay tuned! *snicker*

  6. I agree with Danielle and to all you other folks, leave Max alone! Let the man be, he's excused in my book as long as there is new music on the way which is a definite YES!


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