Method Man and The Wuettes?

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I am particularly protective of my brothers from the 36 Chambers, although the secondary members of the Wu-Tang Clan (Cappadonna, Shyheim a/k/a The Rugged Child, et al.) not so much. I, therefore, read an article from New York Magazine with much skepticism after seeing the title "Method Man and The Wuettes Remember Wu-Tang Clan." In it, the author makes the claim that, while off-stage RZA pulls all the strings, including forging ahead with his sonic vision for their latest release 8 Diagrams despite the known opposing viewpoints of members from within the clan, it is on-stage that Method Man rules the scene, being backed up by the incomparable "Wuettes."

Okay? And?
Is this new information? I think not. Anyone who has gone to a
Wu-Tang show can attest that it has always been a certain member (Meth)
who has always outshone the members of his crew when they are all
assembled en masse. It was for this reason that anyone with half a brain could attest to the genius it was to pair both Method Man and Redman
together (who have equally charismatic yet grimy personas) to sell
everything from deodorant to starring in their own dim-witted yet
entertaining movie about what else? Getting (Johnny) blazed.

Speaking of the Wu-Tang show which the NYM article reviewed, it makes me think of a good point that Amanda Diva
mentioned on her blog about the current state of hip hop and those of
us who clamor for more "realness" from the genre: When it does come
time to see the show, where exactly are the "n*ggas" that the artists
want to stand up, shout, and sing-along? Kind of reminds me of being
particularly uncomfortable when, in the midst of an audience of mostly
Caucasian backpack-wearing NYU students at a Dead Prez concert, the crowd was asked to chant "I'm an African, and I know what's happening!" Weird to say the least.



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