Michael Jackson ft. Will.I.Am: ‘The Girl is Mine 2008’


Name a time when a decades-late remix of a Michael Jackson song wasn't a disaster. That's why we have a comment form!

Will.I.Am has re-purposed "The Girl is Mine" for MJ's Thriller anniversary album and Paul McCartney is nowhere to be found. Kinda ruins the concept of the song doesn't it? Beat-wise, it's nothing to write home about. Will is either hit-or-miss, with some of his strongest work going to folks like Nas and Talib Kweli. Every time he goes Pop or "R&B Lite" I can't help but wonder how much of his talent is going to a complete waste. That said, it's not as ear-bleedingly bad as Akon's "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'," but it could definitely be better. Or, not at all.

Michael Jackson: "The Girl is Mine 2008" ft. Will.I.Am

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4 Responses

  1. So... who is with me when i say this would be more of a tribute coming from Mambo Sauce ( I mean, a Go-Go version would have been a bit more exciting for me. I'm just saying.

  2. Michael is the best the is in this world when it comes to music ............. and i have been waiting for the new album viva jackson viva .............. who's BAD .....

  3. I love it- I am excited to hear the album again it will remind me why I love Michael. I think it has added a hip and a new feel to a song we all fell in love with- on the 25th aniversary album there is the old version with Paul McCartney so it is not like its not important to the album but this one I love and the younger generation will love it and relate to the new version as well, isn't that what its about changing with the times is about? Big Ups to everything Will.I.AM is doing, Michael picked a great person to do this classic remake with!!!!

  4. OMG am I the only one who loves this song so much? It's just one of those songs that you can't help moving to!
    Love it!!!