Morning Soul: Dust Yourself Off

It's been a long time. We shouldn'ta left you without a dope blog to step to. Yes friends, we're baaaaaaaaaaack!

  • Robin Thicke
    and wifey Paula Patton were on TV One last night discussing their interracial relationship and how his father-in-law used to give him the side-eye. [EUR]
  • Common still isn't a lock for the role of the Green Lantern, but it may still happen. I just hope that he gets it so I can see the brother in a tight spandex suit. Selfish, I know. [Wooohah!]
  • Two industry vets have created Mo-Philly Music Group "to recapture and update the musicianship and soulful sounds of the 70s and 80s". I'll drink a Colt 45 to that. [ST]
  • Kev Brown vents about not getting paid for his beats. [KB]
  • Norah Jones is back on the market, fellas. [PS]
  • Method Man has a new CD, two new flicks and the new (and final!) season of The Wire on his plate. [SSU]

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1 Response

  1. Yes, I saw that Robin Thicke interview. I loved the story of how they met. I can picture him poplocking his way over to her and she being like alright now, blue eyed soul! Show me what ya got!
    That was funny re: Poppa Patton's side-eye. All my Momma would have wanted to know was whether or not his change was strange. LOL! They make a beautiful couple. I hope the rumors of the baby bump are true. Between their baby and Baby Berry, I couldn't stand all the cuteness.