Name That Beat: Lovers of Rare Groove Play Here

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Last week's sample had a few heads stumped, but was eventually laid to rest by none other than reigning "Name That Beat" champ DJ Stylus who correctly guessed The Soul Controllers with "Ashley's Roachclip". There have been several hip hop artists who have sampled this track including Eric B & Rakim on "Paid In Full", Ice Cube on "Jacking For Beats", and PM Dawn on "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss". 

This week's sample is below. To win your week's worth of bragging rights, you must be able to name the track and artist which sampled the original track, as well as the title and artist of the original track itself. 

Good luck!


2 Responses

  1. The original Artist is Joe Simon
    The Original Track is "Drowning In The Sea of Love", Year-1972
    It was sampled by Gangstarr in 1998 on the track "You Know My Steez"
    here's the video:

  2. I appreciate the compliment but it is undeserved.
    I wish that my crew was responsible for a Hall of Fame worthy funk classic!
    Word to Chuck Brown and the Soul Controllers!