Name That Beat: Your Weekly Fix

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Let me make this clear: Name That Beat is not a timed-contest, but damn! You guys are quick! But you knew this already. Belve correctly guessed last week's track, Eddie Holman's "It's Over" which, I must agree with DJ Diva, was best used by Ghostface Killah on 'Nutmeg" from his sophomore album Supreme Clientele. 

This week's sample track is below. You know the drill, but for the newbies you must name the original sample's title and artist and name the artist and track which sampled it. 

You guys familiar with NTB can stop scratching because here it is:


Oh, and BTW, I'm not looking for the more obvious track (Notorious B.I.G.'s "One More Chance [Remix]") which sampled this song. 

Good luck!

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11 Responses

  1. track: Lou Donaldson - Who's Making Love
    sampled by: Marley Marl feat. Craig G. - Droppin' Science
    word to Blue Note.
    *adjusts repossessed crown to a jaunty tilt, George Jefferson struts out of post*

  2. school me...didn't johnnie taylor sing that?? it went, "who's making love with my old lady, while i'm out making love??" ...something like that...or was it a cover?

  3. Yup. Cover version, about a year after JT's joint dropped.
    Review's a little harsh though. Lots of jazz cats did more mainstream accessible covers in the '60s.

  4. the wu will always be the truth and Nutmeg is tight. nice blog hit me up one day

  5. @ DJ Stylus:
    I was actually thinking of a different track that sampled this.

  6. @ Ill Mami:
    well, you know how us old school bammas do with classic Juice Crew rekkids and whatnot.

  7. I'm over here dying at DJ Stylus with the GJ swagger. Brush your shoulders off pimpin! LOL
    Did you know that Bobby Womack also sang that track?
    But what about my girl Faith? She just used that beat recently...

  8. Welp.
    No one named a more unconventional choice and have 2.
    For the true school-ers
    Dropping Science - Craig G
    and for those grand days of when hip-hop could do no wrong
    Hot Sex - A Tribe Called Quest (word to the Boondocks - you gotta say it all the way out, pimpin')
    ** Tilts the brim low so you can't see the red haze**

  9. @ Belve:
    "Hot Sex On A Platter" is actually what I was thinking of. You & Stylus are stupid for all of y'all's dramatic *imagery* LOL

  10. see, Belve missed my first response but I gotta admire the swagger.
    on a more humble note, "Hot Sex" never even occurred to me, probably because "Droppin' Science" was a straight loop. gotta go back and study that, might be quite a sneaky chop job.

  11. Wow.. I sure did miss that @ Stylus - - - Let this be a lesson kids (Drinking and Posting is just plain wrong)
    Now I will go back and get another


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