‘Popular’ was Supposed to Happen Today

van_hunt_legs.jpgAs Van Hunt notes in his blog, today is the day that Popular should've dropped.

'Popular' is not on its way to the store. it is sitting in a box in my flat in LA, on 1/2 inch reels down in the blue note basement in new york and on about 30 laptops across this country and england...

We pondered the circumstances surrounding his mysterious split from Blue Note last month. Van's blog post comes on the heels that EMI (which Blue Note is under) is undergoing a number of cost-cutting changes, not the least of which being the elimination of thousands of jobs. Most interesting? Some of the changes, on paper, seem designed to benefit an artist like Van Hunt (via Idolator):

"Repositioning EMI's labels to ensure they will be completely focussed on A&R and maximising the potential of all their artists" and "Developing a new partnership with artists, based on transparency and trust, and helping all artists monetise the value of their work by opening new income streams such as enhanced digital services and corporate sponsorship arrangements."

Hello? Is this thing on?

EMI has also recently detached itself from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

For everyone that downloaded the bootleg version of Popular, I applaud your foresight and criminality. This shakeup doesn't seem to be slowing Van down in any way, as he's still promising an album for 2008 and a possible book. Fans rejoice!

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3 Responses

  1. I am rejoicing at the hotness that is Popular. I heard.

  2. I ..ummm.... wish I could hear it.
    My pirating connections have dried up.

  3. mine haven't i'm one of those laptops that copped it!!!!! what a damn shame.