Rahsaan Patterson Didn’t Mean To ‘Rock Ya Baby’


So last week while I was on a much-needed vacation (and getting some shade both under a palm tree and over here from the HNIC...smooches!), our illustrious Head Bouncer dug all up in and through the crates for five straight days of hotness.

Well, not to be outdone and piggy-backing on yesterday's Rahsaan Patterson factoids, I felt the need to post this banger from Mr. Patterson for today's DITC selection. I didn't have to dig too far for this one, since the song was released in '06, but I just heard it recently and I suspect that I'm not alone in missing out. This is the original version of "Rock Ya Baby," a track that I came across on his Taste EP, but an alternative version is floating around by Aussie turntablist DJ Peril featuring a few bars by MC Surreal. I've heard both and this one kicks the others bootay Ali-Frazier style.

But enough long talking from me, prepare to shake a tailfeather, folks.

Rahsaan Patterson: "Rock Ya Baby" Original

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