Madness and Chicanery Unfold at the Sharon Jones Show!

1201717602_sharonjones.jpg"Vivrant Thang", one of our Official Bouncers, has penned a thrilling, eye-opening account of her experience at the recent Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings concert here in DC. As a summary, the very "diverse" crowd couldn't handle their liquor and the act herself had to intervene more than once. Thing is, this isn't metal. It's Sharon Jones! 'Bows were thrown and Bonecrusher wasn't even in the house!

They were "dancing" wildly and roughly bumping into me hard so that I was being pushed into the person next to me...while I was holding my precious camera. Remember, I'm a lover not a fighter so I tried several approaches before I completely lost it and and pushed back...hard. They were too drunk to really notice.

Sharon Jones to the rescue!

And it gets worse, or better if you're running a music blog called SoulBounce and find these things to be entertaining fodder on a slow news day (sorry, Viv!). Also, our lovely bouncer has posted a nice collection of Youtube clips from the performance. I'm so jealous. Or maybe not, because I woulda shot somebody if I'd been there.

Sharon, I Got a Jones for You! : A Concert Review [SITKOL]

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  1. Hey, I'll take whatever I can get.
    Sharing is cathartic for me.