So Tells Us: Is Keyshia Cole The Next Mary J. Blige?


Much has been said about Keyshia Cole being the next Mary J. Blige, but I couldn't disagree more. Despite Keyshia playing dress up in Mary J.'s closet and wearing her old wigs, these two are on totally different levels. Yes, Keyshia is a relative new jack and MJB is a seasoned professional, but even looking back on Mary's career to when she first came out, there's no comparison. In short, Mary J. Blige > Keyshia Cole.  

I'd like to point out a few key areas where KC and MJB differ to make my point:

  • Mary J. is hood, but Keyshia is a hoodrat. There is a difference.
  • Miss Cole needs an attitude adjustment. After hearing some of the interviews that she's done and watching her reality show, she just isn't likable. On the other hand, Mary J. is quite the opposite. She keeps it real but doesn't put people off.
  • Mary would never-ever-ever-ever-ever do a reality show. Even when she was on that stuff it wouldn't have happened.
  • Keyshia has yet to put out a classic album. By the time MJB put out her second disc that was her second classic. Just Like You is a great album, but it's no What's the 411? or My Life.
  • Mary J. wouldn't have been caught dead yodeling and passing it off as singing if "Love" had been her song.
  • Just yesterday I heard on the Wendy Williams show that Keyshia
    allegedly canceled a concert date because it was cold. Man, if that was
    MJB she woulda slapped on her furs and kept it moving. PETA be damned.
  • MJB's swagger is incredible and undeniable. From the stage to the red carpet to all points in between, she runs it. Does KC even have a swagger to speak of?

In time Keyshia Cole may evolve as an artist and grow as a person, but she's not there yet. Keyshia has her own lane, but Mary J. Blige owns the road.

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  1. I would just like to point out that I didn't write this. It was BUTTA!
    Thank you.
    Also, Quita will never be Mary. EVER.
    Thank you.

  2. Amen to that,
    Could not agree more.

  3. I really do like some of Ke-LoLo's music but I too have to say she'll never be Mary!

  4. All true. KC's music is good but nowhere near great. Mary is a GREAT artist.

  5. Keyshia Cole makes me itchy :-p

  6. Amen! I like Keyshia's music and will continue to buy her albums... but there's just not comparison with MJB.

  7. I agree that they r different artists,but there r some similarities. For example when KC first came out the honesty in her voice reached people, it drew people to her story. The same can be said of Mary. When Mary first came out she did the same. Her voice was real, her pain was and is real, you hear it , you feel it!

  8. it's OK for keyshia to be riding that "next mary j." wave now...but later on in her career, i hope she becomes her own person...

  9. mary wasn't so likeable in her early days... i distinctly remember an interview at toronto's much music where she cussed the interviewer (for asking a totally innocuous question) and left after about, oh, three minutes in? the parts she did stay for she was agitated, and impatient, rolling her eyes and acting as though being interviewed was akin to taking a bath in acid.
    i love mary now, though, but that interview has always stuck with me.

  10. You black people need to quit hating on these sisters. These two beautiful sisters are both great. Black people get your acts together. How ignorant you all behave.
    God Bless your souls. Get a life!!!
    Russell Simmons you aught to be ashamed of yourselve, I thought you were a better person that putting this kind of garbage out there like that. Do something more positive with your money. I'm not hating on you but we have starving black children and walking dead black folks and this is what white folks love to see and hear. It's a blessing from God to be rich. But God said because of lack of knowledge his people will perish.
    God Bless you Mr. Russell Simmons. If I had your money I would do better things with it.

  11. Butta: 100% agreed
    @Janet: having an opinion does not = "hating". Plenty agree with Butta's opinion, and it was not disrespectful to KC, just truthful.

  12. Um, Mary had an AWFUL diva attitude when she first came out, this is very well documented...

  13. Russell Simmons? Did I miss something?

  14. So, is it mean to say Keyshia Cole is the Bizzaro version of MJB? LOL
    Actually... I love both their music. I have their CDs and think they are great.


  16. Keyshia Cole is a great artist she has her own style.She has a different story , maybe a little rough and ghetto but you don't know her story.Being a child growing up in the ghetto is hard.Her story reaches people let them know they aren't alone.Growing up how she did made her how she is.She is young she needs to grow.Mary is a great artist too.She has been where Keyshia is and has grown it took her a while but she is Mary,and Keyshia is Keyshia no compairing the two.Yes they are alike but two different women.Two black women that come from hard lives and making a better life for thereselves.They aren't hurting no one.They are doing all kinds off positive things.Let's learn to LOVE and BE HAPPY!

  17. I can see why some people think that KC is the next MJB but I can't see it happening. KC still has a lot to overcome before getting close to MJB's status.

  18. Why whould Keyshia Cole want to be like Mary J. Blige? She has to carve her own image in the music business. I wouldn't want her to be Mary J. Blige. We already have a MJB. Let Keyshia Cole do her thing. In other words KC has to pay her dues just like MJB had to in their field. Comparisons can get crazy. People need to celebrate individuality rather than looking to see who will be the next whoever. Peace!

  19. I have love for both of them. However, MJB hasn't always been so Lady Like.

  20. @ bayareadiva:
    You're right. Growing up in the ghetto is hard. Life as a shorty shouldn't be so rough, but that doesn't mean that your hardships have to be pushed into everyone's face every chance you get. It has almost become a gimmick in a sense, and, let's face it: Black entertainers usually do not come from privelged background, so everytime their hardships growing up comes out, it seems a bit redundant to me.
    I appreciate Mary so much as a performer because, while I am not excusing the cocaine/heroin use of early days causing her to act as a stank, spoiled diva, she had the scruples to keep as much to herself as possible (the sexual abuse, the fact that she was on drugs, etc) , whereas with Keisha, ALL her biz is on Front Street with the reality show and all. I don't know if she was coaxed to do this, but it's just a bad look all around when your sister's pregnancy by another man who is not her husband is common knowledge by people who really aren't deserving to know (which was shown on the reality show).
    It is high time for people to stop exploiting themselves not only for the sake of profit, but for the sake of simply exploiting themselves, i.e. just to keep their name in people's mouths. I'm happy to see Keisha doing her thing and doing well and garnering more fans along the way, but her methods have not made a want to be a fan of hers. Perhaps as Keisha gets older and gains more experience and more control of how she wants her image to be cultivated will she begin to be more deserving of a listen.
    And for the record, Butta is right: Keisha was yodeling on "Love" and it was entirely laughable.

  21. Feel free to swap out "Keyshia Cole" for
    1. KeyLolo
    2. DupliKeisha
    and (my favorite)
    3. Keyshia Clone
    Thank You.
    The Management

  22. "hoodrat"
    i'm not even a fan, but... ouch.

  23. This is interesting. . .
    I am a fan of Mary's and of Keyshia Cole. I think we have to remember that Keyshia Cole is young, she is looking for stardom. So, her management should be to blame for her TMI reality show and her lack of a classic albums. MAry was lucky to have a genius P. Diddy to help guide the beginning of her career (yes, I called him a genius). Diddy, termed Queen of Hip Hop and R&B and help molded Mary's look. Mary had people around that made her look good even when she was on drugs.
    With the right management and better producers Keyshia Cole could be the next Mary. So far it seems Keyshia cole's image is being modeled after Mary J Blige. . .
    I give it up to both of them. . Thank You

  24. Here's my favorite:
    "Mary J. is hood, but Keyshia is a hoodrat. There is a difference."
    This really sums it all up for me!

  25. Yall are so funny but i can't agree with Butta more i love them both Mary is the shit