So You Think You Know Rahsaan Patterson?

rahsaanp.jpgDear SoulBounce reader,

I submit to you some fun facts about an artist that many of you may be aware of.

  1. He's from The Bronx
  2. He was on Kids Incorporated.
  3. Two songs (including the one below) from his new album Wines and Spirits will be featured in theatrical releases this year.

After reading the comments from this article it dawned on me how it's sort of sad how so many aren't hip to him yet. Here's to Rahsaan getting his propers in the '08. 

Rahsaan Patterson: "Feels Good"

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3 Responses

  1. Very much agreed. Rahsaan is the business. He's given to a little dramatic cuntery at his concerts but I love him to death. I love this song and Stop Breaking My Heart was on my top 10 of 07.

  2. i am a major rashaan p fan. He can do no wrong in my book. i just wish he would get more recognition

  3. Wheewwww...definitely feeling's messed up cause he doesnt get as much promotion and exposure as needed. Although, I am one big fan! He sort of sounds like Raphael Saadiq on this track!