Talib Kweli & Total Don’t Wanna Love You


I'm diggin' in the crates every day this week at 4pm EST. Be sure to check back to hear some remixed, unreleased and overlooked gems.

The first joint in my DITC Marathon is "The Anti-Love Movement" performed by Talib Kweli and Total. This is probably the last official time I heard from my girls, but it's dope how they were able to reach beyond Mase and Missy to the likes of Kweli, Gang Starr and Tony Touch. No doubt it had a lot to do with their swagger, but there are plenty of acts out right now eating lovely off of swagger and not much else. Oh, and Kweli is hot on this track too.

This comes from Da Beatminerz' Brace 4 Impak, released in 2001 on Rawkus. Rawkus was the biz once upon a time.

Da Beatminerz ft. Talib Kweli & Total: "The Anti-Love Movement"

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2 Responses

  1. I have heard this track before. Where is DJ Stylus when you need him. I am thinking Janet (Ms Jackson even tho I like my showers)but I can be wrong

  2. Thanks for posting this. I didn't know that had use this sample from Betty Davis.