Watch Jill Kill On ‘Leno’ And ‘Kimmel’

I sincerely hope that everyone has their tickets for Jill Scott's Real Thing concert tour (especially my D.C. folks with her four concert dates scheduled and all). Because after seeing her perform "Whenever You're Around" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this past Wednesday and "The Real Thing" on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, I am beyond amped to see girlfriend put it down live once again. She looks fantastic and sounds even better in both clips. I'm not sure which song is going to be her next single, but either one would be a hit.


3 Responses

  1. I know I've got my ticket!! Can't wait to see her and Raheem Devaughn at the concert!! I think her next single should be between Wanna Be Loved or Whenever Your Around!

  2. She looks Beautiful...and omg she sounds so great!

  3. Lawd, I love that woman. And will be seeing her in concert while I'm in L.A. Yeah, this is me cheezin'. 😀