Aretha Franklin Commits A Diva Don’t

aretha_fashion_dont.jpgAretha. Aretha. Aretha.

This first rule in the Diva Handbook is to never let the people see you in the same thing twice. But Aretha Franklin clearly said bump all that when she decided to wear this dress on stage at last night's Grammy Awards after wearing it to the Kennedy Center Honors gala in December. I'm all for recycling, but this is ridiculous. Whoever is styling Aretha Franklin (Sara Lee, perhaps?) needs to rethink their vocation.

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4 Responses

  1. She needs more than just a new stylist. That's all I'm sayin'.....

  2. Word @ above comment.
    There should be a job opening somewhere...
    Then again....Maybe she really liked the dress LOL

  3. Not only do you NOT wear a dress twice, but especially not one that's this unflattering. Love ReRe for her musical legacy, but booooooooooo to anyone who lets her leave the house/hotel like that and doesn't force her to make better wardrobe choices. Bah!


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