Brutal And Brilliant: The Roots’ ’75 Bars’ Video

The new videos just keep coming! And "75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction)" by The Roots deserves some shine all its own. After viewing this one
you'll make sure not to get on the bad side of Black Thought, ?uestlove and Tuba Gooding, Jr., lest you catch a Philly-style beat down. There's no indication what the poor schmuck who Thought et al are roughing up did to deserve such treatment, but I imagine him to be a record label executive. Hey, a sista can dream can't she?

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7 Responses

  1. am i 1st? i should feel good but at the same time how in the HELL hasnt anyone else commented on the TRUTH that is The Roots?? Sick video...i love it!!!

  2. @ k.i.m.
    One day people will be FIGHTING to be first on our little website. 🙂 But you're right, The Roots' joint is bananas, possibly polarizing. But that's what they do and we love them for it.

  3. love them, BUT give credit where it is due...this was taken from Reservoir Dogs. but then again, they probably know that WE know that...or should know.

  4. @ nOva:
    I'm so glad this website does not have people fighting over who should be 1st.
    I never understood what the exact fascination is about needing to be first...and then not mention anything related to the post.
    Thanks, k.i.m. for not doing that.

  5. i am falling in love RAPIDLY with this fighting over here for who is first :)...

  6. Thanks for the props, K.I.M. We truly appreciate it.
    And y'all can trust and believe that if people start coming in here with that "FIRST!" nonsense they will get deleted with the quicks.

  7. That video is serious- another gem courtesy of the mighty Roots crew!


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