Common Shines A Whole New ‘Light’ for 2008


HEAT. We cannot stop playing this at SBHQ because it's so beautiful. Just yesterday we posted Dilla's remix of "The Light" featuring Erykah Badu. In "The Light 2008 (It's Love)" Common shouts out Dilla from the jump. Respect. This re-visitation is produced by Just Blaze as part of the Smirnoff Signature Mix Series and is elevated to new soulful and soaring levels courtesy of Marsha Ambrosius. I hope Common put his bid in for more Just Blaze tracks for The Believer because this collab is bananas. This is the kind of Hip-Hop I want to hear everytime I wake up in the morning. [H/T: 2DB]

Common: "The Light 2008 (It's Love)"

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3 Responses

  1. This flavor of Hip-Hop is a much better reflection of the culture than quite a bit of what we've gotten in the new millenium (and it took a remix of an older jam to bring that to Light -- all puns intended).

  2. I like this track, it seems a tad forced but its still better than most of the BS you hear out there.

  3. Okay,
    I like this song, it's not as good as the old version, but it's okay.
    That said, isn't doing a remix like this of a love song you wrote ten years ago for someone else kind of like giving someone your ex-wife's engagement ring?
    just sayin...


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