It’s OK For Dwele to ‘Cheat’ (as long as he checks in on time)


switches things up by fantasizing for his girl's alter in the first track from his forthcoming Koch effort. "I'm Cheatin'" does a bait-and-switch move by leading you to believe he's lusting after his girl's BFF, but that's so not the case. He's actually singing about her freakier side. Sorry if I spoiled it for you, but it's quite evident from the jump. Also, I love Dwele, so don't get cute in the comments. Dude is a beast.

Dwele: "I'm Cheatin'"

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12 Responses

  1. @ nOva:
    I know you love you some Dwele, but this track was just aiight.
    Sorry 🙂

  2. @ ill Mami: "La la la la la" I can't hear

  3. nOva I got your back...
    I really dug it...nice and should go over well on the airwaves...

  4. Track is pretty hot. Will Soulbounce be in the building for his show coming up in Alexandria?

  5. @ 1980: I know I personally won't be. I knew about it well in advance and slept.

  6. Sometimes, his music bores me to death. But he is very clever...especially with that MJ remix.

  7. I can't front, I like it.

  8. This is tight. Can't wait for the cd. Very creative

  9. the sone is not about him cheating on his "Girl" with his "GIRL GIRL", it is more so about him liking the nasty side of his Girlfriend. listen to the song with the aspect that i just gave you and let me know what you think.

  10. This is a jammmm riiighhhttt here. This man is a serious music producin machine..Got love for you mayne.

  11. Dwele's voice is like, magic! I love you Dwele,
    Detroit luv!

  12. Like the song, but the hook is terrible.