Erykah Badu Cuts Up On ‘106th & Park’

While BET's 106th & Park is normally as exciting as watching paint dry, Erykah Badu blessed the stage of the music video countdown show and offered insights into the questions that many of us have had on our minds for years. Regarding Erykah's ability to make her paramours switch up their style game to rock paisley socks, crochet pants, shoulder pads, wigs, and the like, Erykah explains that those men (Andre 3000 and Common, specifically) had their own senses of style and that their solo efforts reflect this fact. Erykah also dared any men in the audience to look her directly in the eyes, lest they be placed under her Badu spell. Comparisons were also shown between the vintage album cover art she used in her "Honey" video  and her homages to those covers with herself and friends posing as the original artists. I wonder where the producers of 106th & Park got that idea from? Hmmm...I wonder. 

To see more of Erykah's insights about these and other topics, peep the video below. 


P.S. I am listening to New AmErykah right now, and it is fiyah!!! Full review next week.

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10 Responses

  1. now that was good. Badu always seems to make sense however that wig was off the hook!

  2. only E! gotta love this chick! lol

  3. Was anyone else waiting for Erykah to slap the wack out of Rocsi when she put her drank on the floor? And that woulda been a lot of slapping.

  4. ^^I was definitely waiting for E. Badu to go Grace Jones on Rocsi!
    I'm glad she brought some flava to this bland show. I just love to hear her talk. Can't wait for the new album. (I'm a stan, I know.)

  5. The hosts are painful.
    Erykah, however, is not.

  6. Was I the only one wishing that EB would've thrown that whole cup of juice on that damn couch?

  7. "Gimme my DRANK!"
    I love Erykah for that. Plus as Wacksi (as she will here on in be referred to on this website by me) and anyone else with home-training should know, you neva, eva, eva, eva put someone's else's food or drink on the floor. I wish I could have slapped her myself!

  8. She does NOT belong on that show. They had to put her face on T-Pain and Chris Brown record to put her in context for that audience. *smh*
    106 & Park = KinderCare.

  9. nOvaMatic: i agree with your statement...E didn't even look right on T-Pain and Chris Brown pictures...and Rocsi and Terrence didn't even know how to engage


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