Erykah Badu & Janet Jackson: Posed, Pretty and Polished


Erykah Badu and Janet Jackson, who both have albums dropping the 26th of this month, are currently featured in Giant and Parade, respectively. In a preview of her first interview with Giant, Badu offers some insight into her romances with Andre 3000 and Common, and how everyone thought she weirded Common out on the crochet pants and things. (Can you blame us, though?) Janet's Parade feature is almost exclusively about her upbringing and her faith, and how said faith caused her to reel in her excitement at a Prince show she attended with her mother at the age of 16. Very lukewarm, but sweet tidbits nonetheless. The humanity and humility of the piece go hand-in-hand with these smiling, classy shots of her.


Props to Concrete Loop and That Grape Juice for the compass!

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3 Responses

  1. As always, Janet looks amazing. And I gotta admit, as much as Erykah's image grinds on my nerves, I do like that photo of her in the top middle. Nice!

  2. to S. Flemming:
    maybe that's cuz most if it is covered...i couldn't tell who that was at first..

  3. erykah is so gorgeous! she has my $$ on feb. 26!!


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