Erykah Badu’s Droppin’ Science in New Complex Magazine

sexy_erykah.jpgSeeing as the writer's strike has immobilized one of most favorite activities, television-watching, I have been relying on ever-increasing magazine collection as I subscribe to more and more periodicals. I mean, who knew that the home decorating journal Blueprint had a fashion section? And don't even get me started on how much I love Lucky magazine...

I say all this to bring to light that I haven't received my new Complex magazine, because if I had, I would have seen the reigning queen of Soul Bounce, none other than Erykah Badu, bringing her sexy back (literally) in a one-piece and offering her insights on some commonly held male notions about relationships. Erykah's take on this topic after the jump... 
  • Cheaters: "It'll come out at some point"
  • Men who are uncomfortable with women who are the breadwinners: " enjoy being spoiled and pampered"
  • Male expectations when women order from the expensive side of the menu: "I don't think that anyone should ever expect 'something'"
  • Men who feel Black women have high relationship expectations: "If high standards are being expected to be mature, be kind, be generous, and be honest, then yes, we do have them" seems like her responses are just what many of us ladies would say. It's nice, however, to see a woman such as Badu looking sexy and speaking her mind without compromising any of her high standards, nor the lofty standards that we have come to expect from her as well.  

"Individuals: Erykah Badu" (CM)
[H/T: OKP]


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  1. i'd be showing off that booty too if it looked like that after two kids, lol


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