Fashion Bomb


Can a brother get in? Fashion-obsessed Kanye West, who once deemed these entertaining Balenciaga "Closed Front Cage Sandals With Ankle Pads" as "the illest", was denied entry to a recent Balenciaga show. The Balenciaga folks say Kanye never made the request. Kanye has suspicions that point to, well, his ego: "We didn't get a ticket for Balenciaga. I understand it, I get a lot of attention
and, you know, sometimes the designers don't want anything taking the
focus off the show." Right, I couldn't imagine how all the other celebrities usually in attendance at fashion shows would be able to concentrate with Kanye in the house. He was, however, admitted into the Viktor & Rowf show. [NYT]


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  1. kanye is so delirious.


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